The current project provides a vital supplement to current efforts in the country by expanding the RFPD-developed digital tool for improving maternal and child health (www.noqa-network.ng) to include professional family planning and encompass all 36 Nigerian states and the Federal Capital Territory. This expansion will introduce or at least significantly improve the access and quality of family planning services in the country and facilitate improvements in obstetric quality assurance in the 19 states thus far not included in the digital platform. Lessons learned during the primary phase and the 2016-2018 project were taken into careful consideration during project development, as were the needs communicated by community members, government officials and civil society groups. 


1) Extend databank access to all states

2) Extend the web-based tool for OQA to include wide spread Family Planning (FP) in the whole country

3) Develop a digital demand-based supply chain for family planning commodities

4) Expand and train professional family planning providers

5) Initiate the use of the web-based tool for the demand-based supply chain for FP commodities

6) Train Doctors and Nurses in OQA and FP data collection and analysis using the web-based tool

7) Conduct nationwide media campaign

8) Dispel myths and misconception concerning family planning

9) Promote the use of at least 6 modern contraceptive methods

10) Contribute substantially to the national goal of 36% contraceptive prevalence rate

11) Build Sustainable Peace through improved access to professional family planning services

12) Contribute substantially to the feasible 30% reduction of maternal deaths through family planning

13) Contribute substantially to the reduction of poverty through effective family planning methods

Target Group:

The following target group of hospitals will receive access to the extended web-based tool

(www.noqa-network.ng) after personnel being trained.

i) Primary Health Care (PHC)

2-3 per SHC = ca. 2.000 – 3.000

ii) Secondary Health Care (SHC)

up to 1,000 state + 20-30 selected private (faith based)

iii) Tertiary (Teaching) Hospitals

All Tertiary Hospitals



A) Health personnel (doctors and midwives) at all levels of care

B) All sexually active people


C) All Families and Communities

Propose legislation to institutionalize MPDSR in the National Assembly

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