There are four Areas of our project implementation in Nigeria that we want to emphasize this Quarter

  1. Legislation for MPDSR

Institutionalization of MPDSR implementation in Nigeria, through the introduction of maternal and perinatal deaths (MPDSR) reporting ‘bill’ by the National Assembly. The main objectives are:

  1. To protect the health workers in the implementation of MPDSR through the principle of `no name no blame.
  2. To liberalize reporting of maternal and perinatal deaths without fear and intimidation of all level of health care delivery for proper  planning in Nigeria
  3. To support reporting of maternal and perinatal deaths through  e-platform for prompt analysis
  4. To accelerate reduction of maternal and perinatal deaths in Nigeria.
  5. To develop legal framework for MPDSR implementation in Nigeria.
  • Domestication of e-platform (MATERNAL AND PERINATAL DATA COLLECTION TOOL) Server in Nigeria through a Nigerian government ICT outfit GALAXY BACKBONE

To this end the under stated information is being provided

  i. Required Storage on the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to be configured

 ii.   cup required

iii. Preferred platform OS e.g. Cent OS etc

3 Adapting a Digital Learning Approach for Family Planning    Trainings

In a bid to maintain essential health delivery and mitigate a system collapse during the pandemic, it is critical to ensure uninterrupted availably of health services including access to contraceptive knowledge and services. This concept note will focus on the scenarios for conducting family planning training and capacity building with a focus on the private sector using a digital approach.

4, Mounting an effective PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, Branding and registering a formidable SOCIAL MEDIA Presence    

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